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Maintaining your business 


For the many years we’ve been in business, we have been striving to provide our customers the best quality service possible to gain their full satisfaction. And they’ve shown their appreciation by coming back to us repeatedly.


We want to be the  maintenance and repair facility for all your motorcycle  needs.

Dave "Fiddy" Beckwith


​Dave MangoldRIP

Dedicated to  repair and to serving you with quality & value.


Our mechanics are highly skilled and have years of experience. Most of all: they love motorcycles and care about yours.  Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our customers love us.


Get to know our experienced mechanics. They’ve got tools, skills, and a desire to help. Come see why no shop is as quick, qualified, or convenient as we are.



Jimmy Gibson

Get to know us..

​​​Originally from Texas, they made their way to Pennsylvania in late 1998 and soon realized there was not a motorcycle shop to fit their needs. After visiting and experiencing many bike shops around town they both realized that the one thing that was lacking was customer service. It was hard to find a motorcycle repair shop that did excellent work AND provided the EXCELLENT customer service that EVERYONE DESERVES. This spawned an idea inside of Mike to open up his own shop.

Doc's ( aka Mike, think Back To The Future, crazy hair and all)  background includes everything from motorcycles, trucks and 18-wheelers. He had always worked with his father in a car repair shop, so the mechanic bug was instilled in him at a very young age. His desire to build bikes truly started in his basement. If you click on our site navigation to the right, you will see the title " 2005 Custom Chopper." The 2005 Custom Chopper is the first bike built by Mike and was built in his basement. It was shortly after that they made the decision to have their own shop.

Scouting for a place was no easy task. But after looking at several locations they found 2515 Delta Road in Brogue. Within a few months, and a little hard work and elbow grease, Freebyrd was on its way! The small town of Brogue helps to capture the essence that Freebyrd desires to create. The rural, hometown feel is exactly what he was looking for. So, in March of 2007, Freebyrd opened its doors.

Here we are several years later still going. We are confident that we have the best customers because we work to satisfy. Each year we have grown to stock more items, more parts and prove that we have better customer service than the average shop.

We encourage you to take one step into Freebyrd and notice the difference. Freebyrd is able to offer a retail shop as well for your accessory needs. We are open 6 days a week which INCLUDES SUNDAY(Summer hours only)! We know that most Sunday’s are "riding days," and sometimes you just need a destination. Let us be your Sunday destination..


2515 Delta Road, Brogue, PA 17309, USA

Hollie " The Daughter" Lincoln

Freebyrd Custom Motorcycles, LLC